About us

Welcome to Swt Creation.

We started out in 2014 creating cake designs for wedding cakes and cupcakes here is a little bit about my journey, my name is sally and I am a qualified pastry chef and my love for cakes and desserts has been a passion all my life, I worked around London, Windsor, Reading to then working my way up to being a head pastry chef at Alexander House 1 star Michelin where I loved making my own dessert menu’s and coming out with new idea’s and recipes, from working there I decided to go over to Paris and work there for 6 months which was an amazing experience where I learn’t more in chocolate work and sugar work and and putting new flavors together after being in the pastry world for 10 yrs I wanted to put what I have learnt into making cakes and to provide beautiful couture elegant wedding cakes with the flavors to match.

I have my own studio in Northampton where I design and create each handmade cake ensuring that every last detail is beautifully executed, in Swt Creation kitchen are cakes don’t just deliver on look taste too, if you look at my flavors page you will see a fantastic variety of flavors that we offer we only use the finest of ingredients to ensure every cake tastes special.Our kitchen has a 5 star rating (the highest) from the local council and I have completed my level 2 hygiene certificate, we provide are ourselves in making unique cake designs and that’s why long hours go into all are cake designs are wedding cakes are known for there creativity of the hand crafted sugar flowers that we make and the stunning colors that we have on are cakes that gives them an elegant modern feel, we work very closely with every client to make sure everything for there special day is at the highest quality if you have any questions or inquiries about my cake’s please give me a call or email me anytime.